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The central government system of compensation to municipalities for the costs of receiving asylum seekers and newly arrived immigrants is expensive, outmoded and unnecessarily complicated. The Swedish National Audit Office proposes that the system be simplified, clarified and that the costs are monitored.

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Audit background

The central government compensates municipalities for the costs of receiving asylum seekers and newly arrived immigrants through around thirty forms of remuneration. Central government expenditure on compensation has increased sharply in recent years. In 2016 the Swedish Migration Agency, which processes the compensation, paid out more than SEK 20 billion in compensation to municipalities for asylum seekers, and SEK 12 billion in compensation for newly arrived immigrants. Compensation is expected to remain at high levels for the next few years.

The Swedish NAO has audited whether central government has designed the compensation system to allow municipalities a reasonable financial and planning framework for reception of asylum seekers and newly arrived immigrants, as well as whether the compensation system can be simplified or made more effective.

If reception of refugees impacts tax capacity and the demographically related costs in the municipalities, the outcome in the municipal equalisation system will be affected. To provide an overall picture of central government contributions to municipalities due to refugee reception the Swedish NAO has also highlighted how refugee reception impacts the outcome of municipal equalisation. [...]

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Updated: 13 February 2018

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