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The Swedish model for broadband expansion has been successful to date, but is facing increasing difficulties. Problems of competition, conflicts between private and public actors and the risk of state aid being misdirected are some of the problems highlighted by the audit report.

Kabelarbete vid gata.

Audit background

The Government considers that digitalisation is the single largest factor for change in our time and has an overall objective for Sweden to be best in the world at using the opportunities offered by digitalisation. New digital solutions are being developed continually in areas such as healthcare, retailing and public administration. As a result of this, the relation between the state and citizens is becoming increasingly digital. To enable everyone to participate in society on equal terms, accessible and reliable electronic communications are a necessity.

The Government and Riksdag have set a broadband policy objective for Sweden. The objective is that Sweden is to have world class broadband and that all households and businesses should have good opportunities to use electronic community services and service via broadband. The objective is primarily to be achieved through well-functioning markets. The role of the Government is therefore to ensure an effective market, and to provide broadband support to the areas where it is not expected that the market, for reasons of profitability, will build broadband. It is clear that internet access via broadband plays an important role in the growth, development and digital participation of society. Consequently, the Swedish NAO has decided to audit the Government's efforts to fulfil the broadband policy objective. [...]

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Updated: 13 February 2018

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