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The activities of the Sami Education Board are not appropriate and need a restart. Proposals in the Swedish National Audit Office's report include transferring responsibility to the Sami Parliament.

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Audit background

The Sami Education Board is to promote access to equal quality education for all children of Sami, with Sami educational components. To achieve these objectives the Sami Education Board is tasked with fulfilling central government principal responsibility for Sami school (pre-school class – year 6) and implementing other educational initiatives for Sami pupils who for various reasons do not attend a Sami school. According to the Government, Sami school is to contribute to preserving and developing the Sami language and Sami culture.

Ahead of the audit the Swedish NAO studied reports from the Swedish NAO’s financial auditors, the National Financial Management Authority and the Swedish Schools Inspectorate, which reported deficiencies in the work of the Sami Education Board. The Swedish NAO also observed that the number of pupils attending Sami school has been low for a long time; for example in the smallest Sami school there were 9 pupils in 2016. The Swedish NAO also noted that the number of pupils studying Sami in year 9 of compulsory school has fallen in the past ten years and totalled 19 in the 2015/16 academic year. [...]

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Updated: 13 February 2018

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