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Insufficient supervision of Swedish nuclear power plants

An audit by the Swedish National Audit Office shows that supervision of Swedish nuclear reactors is not carried out to the extent required by the Riksdag and the Government. The audit also shows that the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority does not carry out systematic risk assessments when planning and prioritising supervision, which means it is unclear whether the most important measures are carried out.

Reaktorhall, kärnkraftverk.

Audit background

Nuclear power constitutes a considerable part (40 per cent of net electricity production in 2016) of Sweden’s electricity generation and supplies relatively plannable power generation to the national grid independent of weather conditions.

Safety is essential for public confidence in nuclear power. It is also important that the public has confidence in the role of the State in ensuring safe nuclear power. Safe nuclear power that minimises the risk of emissions of radioactive substances is part of the national environmental quality objective, A Safe Radiation Environment.

The Swedish nuclear reactors were brought into operation in the 1970s and 1980s and have an estimated operating lifetime of 40–60 years, which requires ongoing improvements and maintenance to uphold safety. Physical threats, such as unauthorised access and terrorist attacks, as well as threats to information security have come more into focus in safety work in recent years. At the same time, the international view of a desirable level of safety has meant heightened national security requirements, for example as a consequence of the nuclear power accident in Fukushima 2011. All in all, this means extensive development initiatives and investments at nuclear power plants, which also requires action by the State to encourage safety work and ensure that nuclear power plants live up to the safety requirements. [...]

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Updated: 05 April 2018

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