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Audit of central government teachers’ pay initiatives – higher pay but less cohesion

The audit shows that central government teachers’ pay initiatives have increased teachers’ pay levels. This has also improved the attractiveness of the profession. But the reforms have also created divisions among teachers.

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Audit background

The Career Stage reform, introduced in 2013 and the Teachers’ Salary Boost, introduced in 2016, are two governments’ responses to Swedish pupils’ poor school outcomes. The reforms are aimed at increasing the attraction of the teaching profession so that more people will want to be teachers and more teachers remain and develop in the profession. This is to increase quality in schools and improve pupil outcomes.

Expenditure on the Career Stage Reform amounted to SEK 1.2 billion in 2016 and the expenditure on the Teachers’ Salary Boost is expected to be SEK 3 billion annually. These are large initiatives that may potentially have a major impact on the attractiveness of the teaching profession.

The reforms are to work in parallel and have great similarities. They are both intended to reward qualified teachers and raise their pay through targeted government grants. They mainly cover the same group of teachers. The school authorities choose the teachers who are to receive the government grants and have a relatively free hand when implementing the reforms, but the initiatives entail restrictions on determining teachers’ pay. The Government has announced that the initiatives are long-term and they may exist concurrently for a long time to come. The Swedish National Audit Office has decided to study both reforms as part of the same audit. [...]

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Updated: 13 February 2018

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