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Better benefit can be drawn from international economic recommendations to Sweden

The Swedish National Audit Office would like clearer information to the Riksdag as to why Sweden does not follow certain recommendations we receive from international reviewing organisations.

Flaggor utanför EU-parlamentet.

Audit Background

The European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) regularly analyse the economies of Sweden and other countries to identify risks and imbalances that need to be dealt with to maintain macroeconomic stability, growth and sustainable public finances. In connection with this, country-specific economic policy recommendations are made. The recommendations are not binding, but can be seen as an instrument for encouraging responsible economic policy and to achieve common goals.

The Swedish National Audit Office has surveyed the economic recommendations made by the EU, the IMF and the OECD to Sweden in the period 2011-2015 and audited how the Government has dealt with the recommendations in its reporting to the Riksdag. The audit is part of an international cooperation in which six European supreme audit institutions have followed a parallel procedure adapted to national circumstances. By examining how national governments have acted in relation to recommendations from international organisations the audit institutions have shown that the multilateral surveillance contributes alternative approaches that put pressure on political decision-makers to better justify their choices. The supreme audit institutions noted that it is not possible to determine whether a national measure was initiated as a result of international recommendations or independently of them. At the same time, the supreme audit institutions considered that national governments tend to follow recommendations to a reasonable extent, but that procedures for publication and monitoring can be improved. [...]

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Updated: 13 February 2018

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