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The Swedish Public Employment Service's preparatory and orientation training leads to lower earnings

The Swedish NAO's audit shows that jobseekers who participate in the Swedish Public Employment Service Preparatory and Orientation Training initiative have lower future earnings than other jobseekers.

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Audit background

Preparatory and Orientation training is one of the Swedish Public Employment Service’s largest initiatives. In 2016 just over 73 500 people participated, and the cost of purchasing the training amounted to more than SEK 2 billion. Of this, SEK 1.4 billion referred to the cost of purchasing Preparatory and Orientation Training as part of the introduction system for newly arrived immigrants. The number of participants in the initiative has increased substantially since 2008. An important contributory factor to this development is that in 2008 the Public Employment Service took over responsibility for groups of people who previously received support in the first instance from the municipalities and other government authorities (Government Bill 2015/16:100, Swedish Public Employment Service 2014a). The target group for Preparatory and Orientation Training is jobseekers who need to prepare for another labour market policy programme, studies or work. Those who participate in the initiative usually find it more difficult to find jobs than the average person registered with the Service.

There is limited knowledge of the impacts of Preparatory and Orientation Training. The Swedish NAO’s audit ‘Preparatory and Orientation Training – Governance, use and follow-up by the Swedish Public Employment Service’ (RiR 2016:21) notes that the effects of the measure can be evaluated to a greater extent than has been the case, which was also noted in the Government Inquiry on a more flexible labour market training programme (SOU 2007:112). Increased knowledge of how the initiative works may contribute to more effective use of the resources directed towards the Swedish Public Employment Service and its activities. [...]

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Updated: 13 February 2018

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