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Unclear how fiscal policy has been related to the economic situation

There is increased transparency in the Government’s fiscal policy bills and the central government annual report. However, the Swedish National Audit Office would like to see clearer reporting of fiscal policy considerations in relation to the economic situation and the local government sector’s needs for central government grants in the longer term.

Budgetpropositionen för 2018.

Audit background

The Swedish National Audit Office regularly audits the fiscal policy bills and the central government annual report, focusing on the Government’s application of the fiscal policy framework. The framework contains the fundamental principles that steer how fiscal policy is to be formulated in order to be long-term sustainable and transparent. Transparent reporting is a condition for enabling external analysts to assess whether fiscal policy is conducted in accordance with the principles specified in the framework and approved by the Riksdag.

The overall purpose of the audit was to examine the Government’s application of the fiscal policy framework in the 2016 Central Government Annual report, the 2017 Spring Fiscal Policy Bill and the 2018 Budget Bill. The audit focuses on two areas; transparency and compliance with the framework, and focuses on the following audit questions:

  • Is the Government’s reporting transparent in the documents audited?
  • Is fiscal policy formulated in accordance with the fiscal policy framework?

The audit of the transparency of reporting focuses on public finances and the parts of the reporting on which the fiscal policy targets are based as well as the assessment of fiscal space and the proposed fiscal stance.

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Updated: 05 April 2018

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