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Deficiencies in higher education institutions’ provision of premises

Half of all state higher education institutions have no current plan for provision of premises and thus risk non-compliance with the Government’s requirements or current regulations, shows the Swedish National Audit Office audit.

Trapphus sett snett uppifrån.

audit background

In the early 1990s the Government decided to implement the “provision of premises reform". This reform aimed to achieve more effective use of resources at central government agencies and more effective management of real property and assets for the State as a whole. The reform was to put the relationship between property owner and tenant on a more arm’s length basis. The central government agencies were also to be responsible for their own provision of premises and thus take comprehensive responsibility for the costs of the organisation.

Higher education institutions’ (HEI) rental costs constitute a significant part of central government rental expenses. In 2016 the HEIs’ costs of premises were SEK 8.5 billion, of which SEK 7.1 billion were rental costs. These extensive financial commitments justify the examination of whether the resources are used effectively.

The purpose of the audit is to assess whether the higher education institutions’ provision of premises is effective and appropriate within the context of the guidelines for central government property management decided by the Riksdag. The audit covers all 31 state higher education institutions and the Chalmers University of Technology and the Jönköping University foundations. The audit also covers the Government’s management of more effective provision of premises and the state-owned company Akademiska Hus AB, which is charged with providing premises for universities and other higher education institutions. The company’s remit was specified in 2013, which is a starting point for the audit.

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Updated: 26 June 2018

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