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Deficiencies in processing research and innovation funds by the Swedish Transport Administration

The Swedish Transport Administration has not had sufficient control of its research funds, shows the Swedish National Audit Office audit. The deficiencies include risk analysis, administrative procedures and management of taxpayers’ money.

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Audit background

One of the responsibilities of the Swedish Transport Administration is for research and innovation in the field of transport. The agency has about SEK 520 million at its disposal annually for this purpose. In autumn 2017 the Swedish NAO’s annual audit drew attention to deficiencies in a specific project that had received research grants after consultation between the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Maritime Administration. In all the Swedish Maritime Administration paid out SEK 44 million to the project in 2013–2016. The financing of the project has ceased and the auditors' reports for the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Transport Administration were not affected, since they focus on the agencies’ respective annual reports, where the amounts in question in that context are small. The deficiencies in the individual case were, however, so extensive that the Swedish NAO considered it justified to conduct a performance audit of the general management of research and innovation support in the field of transport.

The purpose of the audit was to examine the Swedish Transport Administration’s risk assessments and established procedures for processing research grants. The overall question is whether the Swedish Transport Administration ensures good management of the appropriations at its disposal for research and innovation and whether internal control of the research and innovation operations is satisfactory. The audit focuses on research and innovation support from the perspective of financial administration and does not address the benefit of the research that has received support.

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Updated: 27 August 2018

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