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Development opportunities for the Swedish Armed Forces’ regional staffs

At an overall level the Swedish Armed Forces’ regional staffs carry out their tasks expediently, but at higher levels of conflict their work is restricted by shortcomings in conditions and methods, according to the Swedish NAO’s audit.

Militär på post vid inlopp till hamn.

Audit background

The Swedish National Audit Office has audited the Swedish Armed Forces with regard to the work of the regional staffs. The audit was conducted in autumn 2017 and spring 2018. As part of the audit the Swedish NAO collected information from the Ministry of Defence, the Swedish Armed Forces and 17 County Administrative Boards.

The Swedish NAO draws the conclusion that the overall objectives of the Riksdag and the Government are fulfilled, in other words the work of the regional staffs contributes to the capacity of the Swedish Armed Forces to carry out national tasks by exercising territorial command, leading Home Guard units and providing support to society. Furthermore, the Swedish NAO considers that the regional staffs, together with county administrative boards and others, are central players in the development of total defence at regional level. At higher levels of conflict, however, the capabilities of the regional staffs to carry out their tasks are limited by shortcomings in both conditions and working methods, which are not fully effective. The Swedish Armed Forces’ governance of the regional staffs is unclear with regard to both internal policy documents and harmonisation and development of best practice. The staffing needs of the staffs do not fully correspond with the planned staffing. The staffs have not had practical training in their full leadership role and it is therefore difficult to assess the extent to which they can lead subordinate units and provide operative and tactical support. The regional staff in the Mitt military region encounter particular geographical and task-related challenges that mean they cannot effectively perform their duties in the same way as other regional staffs.

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Updated: 21 August 2018

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