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Changes in the Management of the Swedish National Audit Office

After assessing the management of the Swedish National Audit Office (NAO), the Riksdag has concluded that the system previously employed, consisting of three Auditors General, should be abolished. Instead the Swedish NAO is now led by one Auditor General, assisted by a Deputy Auditor General with the main objective being to strengthen the management of the NAO and to clarify the responsibilities for the operations of the Swedish NAO.

Hence, the Swedish NAO is today led by an Auditor General appointed by the Riksdag. The AG (Auditor General) decides on the audits to be carried out, the methods used and what conclusions are to be drawn. The independence of the Auditor General is protected under the constitution.

The Auditor General is appointed for a term of seven years and cannot be re-appointed. Furthermore, the Auditor General is expected to stay in the post until the end of their mandate period.

The Riksdag also elects a Deputy Auditor General (DAG) who is, similarly to the AG, appointed for a seven-year term. The DAG should mainly be concerned with the day to day administrative tasks but can also take on audit tasks if the Auditor General has personal interest in the audited area or is, for other reasons, prevented from taking responsibility for the audit, i.e. for health reasons. The DAG is then mandated to report to the Riksdag in the same manner as the AG and is granted the same independence.

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Updated: 16 October 2020

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