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The Swedish National Audit Office has had a cooperation project with the Georgian Supreme Audit Institution, the State Audit Office of Georgia (SAO) since 2010. The long-term objective is for the SAO to work in compliance with international standards on auditing.

Until 2014 the cooperation was broad and consisted of financial audit, performance audit, leadership issues, internal and externa communication and IT. Thereafter it has concentrated on performance audit, as well as some support within leadership and communication. In performance audit we have focused on audit quality and concentrated on building internal competencies that can assure the quality of reports. In autumn 2016 the cooperation was evaluated with good results.

Georgia lies in the South Caucasus where Europe meets Asia. The country has just under 4 million inhabitants, over 1 million living in the capital Tbilisi. Unemployment is high and poverty still widespread. At the same time the country has succeeded in implementing a number of reforms and corruption has fallen considerably.

Georgia is trying to move closer to the EU and Sweden supports such endeavours. The Association Agreement signed by the EU and Georgia in 2014 is central to this work. This agreement is to strengthen political and economic cooperation and promote sound public governance and the cooperation between the Swedish NAO and the State Audit Office of Georgia is aimed at contributing to an effective central government administration.

The current cooperation agreement between the Swedish NAO and the State Audit Office of Georgia runs until July 2018. In spring 2018 we will review the conditions for continued collaboration.


Updated: 07 March 2018

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