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The regional cooperation in the Western Balkans was initiated in 2013. It aims to complement and strengthen the bilateral partnerships already established with Kosovo National Audit Office. The Swedish National Audit Office acts in this cooperation as a neutral catalyst to contribute to the implementation of the existing cooperation initiatives.

In 2016 the Swedish National Audit Office became co-chair of the Joint Working Group for Audit Activities (JWGAA). The working group for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of candidate and potential candidate countries to EU with the aim to promote and facilitate hands on-cooperation between the members and SAIs of EU member states. The working group meet regularly on both top management level as well as on working level. Several activities aiming to develop audit skills and seminars on topics of mutual interest are being organised.

During 2017, the Swedish National Audit Office has contributed to four initiatives from the SAIs in the Western Balkans and Turkey under the auspice of JWGAA.

  • A parallel performance audit project (PPA II) aiming at supporting parallel audits in public procurement in six SAIs in the Western Balkans. Together with the European Court of Auditors the Swedish National Audit office participate as experts. The participants of the project were the SAIs of Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • A first workshop in a series of workshops following the financial audit process in accordance with International Auditing Standards (ISSAIs).
  • Our personnel have been the key note speaker at a round table meeting on the theme of anti-corruption work. Our contribution was a presentation on how the Swedish National Audit Office handles cases with possible fraud and corruption and writing the discussion paper to the seminar.
  • Organised and manned a seminar aiming at facilitating the dialogue between the prosecutor’s office and the audit institutions of Bosnia and Hercegovina. We had experts there together with representatives from the Swedish prosecutor’s office.

It is too early to measure the lasting results of this new way of working on the regional level. However, monitoring of implemented activities shows that the workshops and seminars carried out are highly appreciated and that the knowledge of regional cooperation is very applicable in their audit work. The EU and the EU harmonization is currently an important uniting factor in the region. The support from the Swedish National Audit Office aims to complement EU:s endeavours by working with the professional development of auditors in the region.


Updated: 07 March 2018

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