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The Swedish NAO cooperates with AFROSAI-E (African Organisation of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions), which is a regional organisation whose members consist of 24 English-speaking and two Portuguese-speaking supreme audit institutions in Africa. AFROSAI-E is a sub-regional organisation under INTOSAI.

The cooperation with AFROSAI-E is the largest and most longstanding project within the Swedish NAO’s international development cooperation. By supporting the implementation of AFROSAI-E’s strategic plan, the Swedish NAO contributes to strengthening the members’ capacity to audit in relation to international standards, which in turn contributes to parliamentary control, efficient use of resources, good governance, transparency and accountability.

The Swedish NAO and AFROSAI-E are entering a new project phase 2020–2024, with an increased focus on strategic dialogue and sustainable results. The Swedish NAO supports the implementation of AFROSAI-E Strategic Plan 2020-2024, by providing expertise in numerous activities, and a financial contribution. Particular importance is attached to audit issues such as developing methods and capacity in performance audit, financial audit and quality control. The Swedish NAO also supports the AFROSAI-E in establishing a regional pool of resources, with the purpose of making the region less dependent on external expertise and contributing to strengthened institutional capacity and professional development.

The circumstances of the members of AFROSAI-E vary. Some of the SAIs have a relatively strong position in their respective countries and have the capacity and room for manoeuvre to conduct public sector audit within the framework of their mandates. Other members operate in challenging environments characterised by insufficient resources, political turbulence, limited administrative cultures, weak parliaments and repression in relation to expressed criticism of the government. Within many of the SAIs in the region, there is great competency, capacity and desire to develop.


Updated: 23 February 2021

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