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The Swedish National Audit Office has initiated a cooperation with Liberia’s supreme audit institution, General Auditing Commission of Liberia (GAC). The long-term goal for the cooperation is for the GAC to work in accordance with international auditing standards.

The Swedish NAO has cooperated with GAC since 2018. The previous project phase ended on 31 December 2021. The Swedish NAO’s support was during this period limited and focused on support within quality assurance and quality control. The purpose was to strengthen GAC’s institutional capacity and capability with a focus on professional development in quality assurance and quality control. The goal has been to support the development and establishment of a quality assurance function within GAC.

In 2022, the Swedish NAO decided to extend the cooperation with the General Auditing Commission of Liberia (GAC). The purpose is to further improve the possibilities of conducting audits in accordance with international standards.

The GAC’s operational independence is established in a special audit law of 2014. The law also specifies that the Auditor General is appointed for a period of seven years. The GAC’s audit mandate comprises financial auditing, performance auditing and compliance auditing. Legislation also gives GAC the opportunity to independently recruit staff. GAC’s independence is limited in practice due to its dependence on the government for budgetary allotments.


Updated: 11 May 2022

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