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The Swedish National Audit Office has initiated a collaboration with Liberia’s supreme audit institution, General Auditing Commission of Liberia (GAC). The long-term goal for the collaboration is for the GAC to work in accordance with international auditing standards.

The overall goal for the collaboration is to support the GAC in its ambition to audit in compliance with international standards. It comprises primarily financial auditing and compliance auditing as well as quality systems for auditing. This is primarily being accomplished in close collaboration with a project that the GAC has with the EU to strengthen its audit. Swedish National Audit Office experts have extensive knowledge and experience that they bring to the work that is planned within the context of the EU project. The EU for its part will use experts from AFROSAI-E, the regional association for English-speaking Africa.

The GAC’s autonomy is guaranteed by a special audit law of 2014. The law also specifies that the Auditor General is appointed for a period of seven years. The GAC’s mandate comprises financial auditing, performance auditing and compliance auditing. Legislation also gives GAC the opportunity to independently recruit staff, which in turn increases its autonomy.


Updated: 23 February 2021

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