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The Swedish National Audit Office initiated a cooperation with the State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau of Palestine (SAACB) in 2013. The long-term objective is for the SAACB to work in compliance with international standards on auditing.

Sweden has for a long time had a strong commitment to the building of a Palestinian State. The aim is for Palestine to be an independent, coherent and democratic state based on the 1967 borders. The Swedish NAO's support, which aims to strengthen the supreme audit institution of Palestine, can be seen as a component for developing an effective central government administration.

Since the project begun in 2013, the Swedish NAO has primarily supported the establishment of performance audit. An evaluation of the cooperation in 2017 showed good results. The SAACB has established operations in performance audit and six reports have been produced. Nevertheless, performance audit still needs to be institutionalized in the organization, and leadership skills are weak in this new field of operations. We will provide further support to strengthen these aspects in the new agreement period that runs until 2021. Apart from the performance auditing cooperation, the new project agreement also includes communication, leadership, quality assurance, and operations planning.


Updated: 23 February 2021

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